High quality track flooring to maximize performance

Running surfaces are an integral component in any Athletics or Recreation programming. GYM-CON offers an extremely diverse selection of surfaces and materials to suit any building or arena design.

More Than 30 Years on Top the Winner’s Podium

MONDO Running Tracks

MONDO's prefabricated vulcanized rubber surfaces offer uniform dynamic response and complete control over stride, rhythm, and balance for every athlete - professionals and amateurs alike. We use the latest technologies to create the perfect track surfaces so athletes can run their fastest while still remaining in complete control.

The advantages of MONDO's prefabricated tracks include optimal end results and consistency of performance regardless of climate and environmental conditions during installation. Both are ensured through MONDO's careful selection of raw materials and constant monitoring of production and manufacturing costs.

MONDO Running Track Products Super X Sportflex M Advance
Pulastic Synthetic Floor Systems

Robbins Running Tracks

Robbins is proud to offer Pulastic® seamless synthetic multipurpose and specialty sports floor systems, durable, versatile solutions imported from the Netherlands. Manufactured to meet stringent quality standards, these high-performance floors offer comfort and safety in competition, intramural and amateur sports as well as general fitness and child care.

The Pulastic line of Synthetic Sport Floors has the benefit of over 60 years of successful installations supporting their impressive installation list. It's the science behind the floor that matters!

Robbins Pulastic Products Classic 90 Classic 110 SP 140
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