Versatile and wear-resistant floors

Rubber flooring has been used in the dressing rooms, front lobbies, and access hallways in hockey arenas since the days of asphalt planking and conveyor belts. Since the days of the Wintario Lottery Grants, ice arenas have adapted colour schemes to co-ordinate with community colours and have become a valuable part of Canadian culture. Today's client has colour choices from many different pallets. Style choices, i.e. sheet goods or tiles; design choices, i.e. accent colours and/or borders; composition choices, i.e. recycled rubber or a blend of natural and synthetic rubber. Working within your budget, GYM-CON can satisfy your design needs and suitability challenges from the wide range of products we carry.

The Base for Growing a Passion

MONDO Arena Flooring

A hockey arena is more than just ice. The areas around the rink and locker rooms must withstand intense traffic and the constant stress of skate blades. That’s why hockey venues need flooring that is solid but still able to absorb loads and impact

MONDO Arena Products Ramflex Sport Impact
Reinventing The Way The World Works Out

Regupol Arena Flooring

Designed with “fitness for a purpose,” the dense, resilient Regupol Aktiv surfaces allows for maximum comfort underfoot & absorbs the shock of training impact. These tough surfaces are available to be customized by color, measurements & marketing. Regupol Aktiv is made of 100% post-consumer tire & post-industrial EPDM rubber.

The Regupol Aktiv Sports and Fitness surface has a five year warranty and is GreenCircle Certified. Aktiv can help qualify your facility for LEED credits.

Regupol Arena ProductsAKTIV
Versatile and wear-resistant floors

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