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Dance & Aerobic Flooring

Dance and Aerobic participants require the maximum amount of shock absorption and comfort levels available. The force reduction of the floor is increased in Dance and Aerobic floor systems, allowing the user (and instructors/teachers) to perform longer without feeling the fatiguing effects of a harder, firmer, gymnasium type floor.

Robbins Products Sportwood Ultra Star
Bio-Cushion Classic
Premier Dance Floor Systems
Tough Meets Comfort

Fitness & Cardio Flooring

Spinning classes, selectorized machines, steppers, treadmills and rowing machines all require a rubber surface under them to minimize dust accumulation and reduce vibration and sound transmission while also providing an easy to maintain, aesthetically appealing surface. We have many design options available, as many of our product applications are interchangeable.

MONDO Products Ramflex Sport Impact Reflex HP Advance Armor Regupol Products Aktiv AktivPro AktivLok
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